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Welcome to my very first blog tour/guest post here at Jade’s Secret Storms! The book on tour today is Acting on Impulse By, Thea Dawson, a new contemporary romance that came out in October of this year. In this post, I have an ‘About the Author’ section, Thea Dawson’s guest post that she wrote entitled “Top 10 Fun Facts about Acting on Impulse,” my normal publication information as well as a summary, purchase links provided by the author, and then finally a giveaway hosted by the author at the end of this post. 🙂 Be sure to check out my discussion prompting at the very bottom of the post!

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About Thea Dawson:

Thea Dawson has lived in Rome, Tokyo and London, and spent much of her twenties traveling around the world. Eventually she met the love of her life and settled down in the Pacific Northwest, where she now lives with her husband and three children.

After a checkered career which included stints as an English teacher, librarian and editor, she now writes full time, telling tales of romance and adventure.

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Top 10 Fun Facts about Acting on Impulse

By, Thea Dawson

#1 Like Joy, our heroine, I live in a small university town in Oregon’s Willamette Valley that serves as the inspiration for Silverweed Falls.

#2 Acting on Impulse grew out of an unpublished short story I wrote almost ten years ago about a successful actor and the woman he loved before he was famous. It never saw the light of day, but the idea kept nagging at me, demanding to be fleshed out and turned into a full novel.

#3 The idea of building the story around a summer Shakespeare production was inspired over a year ago when I went to an outdoor production of Taming of the Shrew. It was performed at sunset against a backdrop of Oregon’s Coastal Range mountains at a local vineyard (the inspiration for Laughing Vine Vineyard, which will play a bigger role in the next book in the series), and seemed like the perfect setting for a romance.

#4 As Joy points out in the book, Oregonians are justifiably proud of their wines. Never bring a California wine to an Oregonian home!

#5 D’oh! moment: The character Charlotte was originally named Madeleine. I’d written almost the entire book when I suddenly realized that that would make her full name Madeleine Albright, just like the former secretary of state. That Madeleine Albright is an impressive lady, but not really the vibe I wanted for a cheeky teenager. Thank goodness for the find-and-replace function!

#6 The character of Brice is loosely and affectionately based on my dad, an amateur actor who loved community theater.

#7 The term “upper limiting,” Chris’s self-sabotage in the face of his success, comes from Gay Hendricks’s book, The Big Leap.

#8 Simon’s company, Lockheart Lingerie, was inspired by a company that a friend of mine used to own which sold custom-made corsets to drag queens.

#9 The Courier bar where Chris, Joy and some of the other characters meet to discuss the play is based on a real-life restaurant in Urbana, Illinois, the Courier Café—one of my favorite places to go when I lived there. Both Couriers are named after defunct newspapers

#10 Like Joy and Chris, I’m pretty sure Bringing up Baby is the funniest movie ever made.


FULL TITLE: The Silverweed Falls Series #2 – Acting on Impulse By, Thea Dawson

PUBLICATION: Aeroplane Media Press (2017)

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


She’s camera shy. He’s a big star. Is love worth the limelight?

Thirteen years ago, Chris McPherson drunkenly declared his love for Joy Albright… right in front of her husband. Though her angry rejection still stings, Chris, now a successful Hollywood actor, has never forgotten his feelings for her. When he returns to Silverweed Falls to direct a summer Shakespeare play, he is thrilled–and a little nervous–to learn that Joy will be managing the play.

Joy Albright’s marriage imploded in a public scandal a year ago when her husband was caught by the press with another woman. All she wants now is to avoid the limelight, but she can’t refuse the request of a dying friend to help save the local theater group.

Reunited, sparks fly. Joy is desperate to avoid more gossip. Chris comes trailed by the tabloids. But neither of them can deny the temptation to act on their impulses.

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