About Jade

Welcome to Jade’s Secret Storms, my brand new book reviewing blog! My name (or rather pseudonym, but we’ll get to that later) is Jade. As mentioned, I am a brand spanking new book blogger as well as an avid reader, college student, and aspiring writer (Not necessarily in that order 😉 ). I started JSS because I wanted a space to combine two of my favorite hobbies – reading and writing. Also, I want to meet and chat with the many different types of people in the book reviewing community.

As for the pseudonym, I chose to use one in an effort to avoid any connections to my personal accounts (social media, etc). Why choose the name Jade? Well, I don’t have some totally profound reason; I have always just loved the name. It has an air of mystery, but really any name that isn’t my own or super common has that air of mystery to me. 🙂

Since this is a blog about books, let’s talk about some of my favorites. My favorite author of all time is Kresley Cole.  I absolutely adore everything she writes and immediately purchase everything she publishes as quickly as it is released. Then, I finish it in 2 hours (or less) and patiently (HA!) wait for her next release. My favorite series is the Immortals After Dark series written by. . . Wait for it . . .  KRESLEY COLE. 🙂 That came as a total surprise, didn’t it? 😉 To show you guys how much I love her, here are links to her website and Facebook page so you can guys can check her out and fall in love with her too. I promise, you totally will! *pinkie-swears*

I love meeting and chatting with new people so feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. Let me know some of your favorite authors and books too. 🙂 Bonus points if you’ve read Kresley Cole’s novels! 😀 


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